Mindfulness CAL part 5

Here we are, the final installment of the Mindfulness CAL. I hope you’ve enjoyed following along, whether you’ve been making it yourself or just taking a look at everyone’s brilliant makes. You can, of course, still get your hands on the kit from Deramores here: https://tidd.ly/3hGtm26 (this is an afffiliate link, for which I would receive a small commission at no extra cost to you should you purchase the product)

The designer of the final part is Cassie of @themissingyarn.

Cassie is a left handed crochet designer from Cambridgeshire, she lives in The Fens with her twin boys and dog Coco.

Cassie loves to design bright cheerful highstreet led garments and wearables, she is the author of My Crochet Wardrobe, and regularly designs for the UK magazines, Inside Crochet, Crochet Now and Simply Crochet.

Cassie learned to crochet when her mother died in her late 20s to calm her anxious mind , Crochet has drastically helped with moments of mindfulness and has improved her mental health.

What does mindfulness mean to you? 

Mindfulness to me means to totally switch off from any pain of anxiety you might be feeling to be totally at one with yourself and in the moment.

How did you go about designing with mindfulness in mind?

I wanted to design something simple enough for the maker to be able to follow but also challenging enough for them to be able to switch their mind to something that distracted the maker from anything else they might be thinking about so they could be totally in the now.

What else do you do (other than crochet) to be mindful?

Since lock down Ive started running Ive just completed the COUCH TO 5 K app largely helped by Jo Whiley. This has been an excellent form of mindfulness.

Adult colouring has also helped me through some really dark days, I absolutely loved colouring as a kid, I have the most gorgeous set of 100 felt tip pens now!

What’s your favourite project to design? Garments! I absolutely love to design garments that you would love to buy if you saw them in your local High Street , but also a little bit different and unusual. This stems from my own desire to be a little bit different.

If you could design anything, what would it be? I would love to design something magnificent for one of the main fashion houses , I would love to also be part of a really big yarn bomb.

Which of your designs are you most proud of? I love my Kaleidoscope Cardigan and my Eclectic Jumper , I love changing colours and experimenting with stitches.

What colours make you calm? Pastels keep me calm, nice soft coastal  colours.

What colours make you happy? I love bright vibrant colours teamed with black.

Your number one top crochet tip? If you’re changing colours, crochet over your ends so you don’t have so much sewing ends in to do.

When crocheting your squares turn after each row to keep your squares nice and square.

Mindfulness CAL part 4

I’m running a bit behind today, but you can now get part 4 of the CAL here https://tidd.ly/3hGtm26.

This week’s designer is Hannah from www.hanjancrochet.com

Hannah is the designer, writer, photographer and blogger behind HanJan Crochet. Creating has always been a part of her life and over the past few years HanJan Crochet has grown beyond her wildest dreams! 

She is regularly featured in publications including Simply Crochet, Mollie Makes, Inside Crochet, Crochet Now, The Pattern Pack, her blog hanjancrochet.com and as a guest blogger and designer too.

Mindfulness CAL part 3

Week 3 of the Mindfulness CAL starts today, and you can get your copy and the yarn pack from Deramores if you haven’t already: https://tidd.ly/3hGtm26

This week’s designer is Fran Morgan, and you can visit her website at http://www.franmorgan.co.uk or see her insta @fran.morg

What does mindfulness mean to you? Mindfulness for me means living in a relaxed and thoughtful way. It’s a bit of a cliche, but ‘being in the moment’. Taking time to relax and enjoy a calm state of mind. Appreciating each step of every thing we do. 

How did you go about designing with mindfulness in mind? When I crochet, I love to be in rythmn with the stitches,so I wanted to create something that would capture that process, of repetition and concentratation. It’s quite hard putting that feeling into words, but I am sure we can all relate to it. 

What else do you do (other than crochet) to be mindful? As well as crochet, I knit. I love going for long walks. Reading and during the pandemic I have spent a lot of time, sitting in the garden and listening to birdsong. 

What’s your favourite project to design? I love to design garments. 

If you could design anything, what would it be? That’s a tricky one, because I enjoy making everything. Would love to do more kids stuff. 

Which of your designs are you most proud of? Always the latest one. 

What colours make you calm? Funnily enough bright colours make me calm, because I love the way they lighten up my life

What colours make you happy? All the colours ha ha. 

Your number one top crochet tip? Everyone will hate me, but it’s take time to swatch and get the tension right. 

Mindfulness CAL part 2

Week 2 of the Mindfulness CAL is released today and you can get your copy and the yarn pack from Deramores if you haven’t already: https://tidd.ly/3hGtm26

I hope you all enjoyed week 1. I’d love to see your makes so far, tag me @zoepotrac over on Instagram so I can take a look!

This week, it is Veronika of Blue Star Crochet who has designed the pattern.

Veronika is a crochet fashion designer behind Blue Star Crochet Company. She was taught to crochet as a young girl by her mum, but it wasn’t until she was expecting her son when she found a real passion for designing and creating patterns for garments and accessories for the whole family.

The lack of cool and fun clothes for boys has led her to come up with her own designs. She set up Blue Star Crochet Company in December 2016. Her wide range of garment and homeware designs have since been published in all major UK crochet magazines including Inside Crochet, Crochet Now and Simply Crochet. She set up Blue Star Crochet blog in May 2020 to enjoy creative freedom and share free patterns and tutorials.

Veronika is offering a free PDF download of her Cottage Blanket pattern that you can access via her blog to celebrate the launch of the Mindfulness CAL.

Mindfulness CAL

I can finally introduce you all to this project! It feels like it has been in the works forever, and now the day of release is finally here. Get your hands on it here: Mindfulness CAL

I’ve been working with some of my favourite designers (and yarny friends!) @fran.morg @hanjancrochet @bluestarcrochet @themissingyarn and the whole thing has been tech edited by the brilliant @the_woolnest

Together, we’ve created a blanket that we hope you’ll find both mindful to work on and beautiful as a finished item.

It will be released by Deramores over 5 weeks, starting with my bit, part one to coincide with Mindfulness day today. Mindfulness is so important for maintaining good mental health, and immersing yourself in a craft you enjoy is just one way of doing it. Crochet can be brilliant for that, and I hope you’ll enjoy making this as much as we did putting it together.

You can get your hands on it here: Mindfulness CAL

What’s going on?

So, it’s only taken a global pandemic to get me to sort out my life online! You’ll notice there’s not a lot here on this website at the moment- I’m starting a big revamp that includes:

-Bringing you regular crochet related videos- whether you’re after how-tos, product reviews, want to see what I’m making or just want to catch up on my latest designs or events coming up, the plan is to have regular videos to bring this to you. When they’re ready, they’ll be over on my (as yet barely existent) Youtube channel.

-Easy directions to where you can get my latest patterns, whether that’s in a magazine or in an online shop. I’ll be keeping you updated here and on my Facebook and Instagram

-Online workshops. I’m looking into how to do this effectively and getting advice from other crafters, so that I can bring you the best quality classes from the comfort of your home!

Upcoming events

It’s all go here!

I’m very excited to let you all know I’ll be appearing on live TV this Sunday (what could go wrong?!) over on Create and Craft (sky 683, freeview 23, virgin 748, freesat 813).

I’ll be on at 11am as part of the Deramores show, which has got lots of gorgeous new crochet (and knitting!) designs to show you.  I’ll be showing off some beginner’s stitches that you can use to create a beautiful piece that will feature on the show.

Don’t miss it! (If nothing else, there’s a fair chance I’ll do something daft live on air that we can all laugh about afterwards.)

As well as that, I’ve been working hard to set up some new workshops now that I’m back in Yorkshire.  The lovely people at Meadowhall have allowed me to be part of the new Meadowhall Sessions scheme.  They’ve got a gorgeous purpose built space, convenient to travel to and in the middle of all the action, so you can shop, have dinner and then come and see me!  You can book here:



If you can’t make it to Meadowhall, I’ve also got one planned in Wakefield at WoolnStuff https://www.woolnstuff.co.uk/collections/workshops for more intermediate/advanced crocheters, later in the month on the 26th October.

I’m also hoping to get set up in Barnsley soon 😉  more to follow…

Four Seasons CAL with Deramores

4 seasons 02-2

So excited to show off this project!  The CAL begins on 23rd May but you can order your yarn pack now at Deramores- if you click here you’ll be able to navigate to my designer shop on the Deramores website and get your pack.

I’m so proud to have been a part of this alongside 4 other fabulous designers: Hannah Cross, Emma Leith, Veronika Cromwell, Leonie Morgan and our brilliant tech editor Lynne Rowe.  I’ve had an amazing time collaborating with other creative minds as well as getting an insight into how other designers work.

The CAL has 13 parts, made up of a large, medium and small square for each season (some parts last more than one week).  The different squares combine colours and stitch patterns to suggest each of the four seasons.  I’m responsible for the smallest squares and the joining, which meant that I was first to see the project as a whole once I’d joined it all together.

I can’t wait to see everyone’s projects as they get started!

New magazine! Your Crochet & Knitting

Hello lovelies!  If you haven’t already seen on social media, the new magazine, Your Crochet & Knitting is out this ThursdayFront cover_preview

It comes with a bumper yarn pack so you can get started making the designs inside straight away; it even comes with knitting needles, crochet hook and a tapestry needle in case you don’t have the tools yet.  Aimed at beginners, it’s packed with lots of simple but effective ideas to get you started.

Very proud to say, I’ve got two designs in issue 1:

The Snow White finger puppets are mine, as it the heart cushion in the second picture.  The lovely Jacinta Bowie is responsible for the cushion with the pom pom corners that you can also see here (might have to have a go at that one myself and brush up the old knitting skills!)

To get your copy:

To find your nearest stockist, visit www.seymour.co.uk – or order online from www.moremags.com
You can also purchase a digital edition of the magazine via the PocketMags app.