Summer Fun


So, summer is here and my annual boost in energy with the lighter evenings means I’ve been up to all sorts of shenanigans!  Lots of new designs recently in Crochet Now (you can see more pictures if you click the Portfolio link at the top) and I’ve also begun writing a series of articles about getting wool from the sheep to the finished product.  In May, I actually went to  Humble By Nature and sheared a sheep myself! (Everyone who knows me thinks that’s hilarious.  I’m an indoor kind of girl.)


What a fantastic place and what an experience!  If you live near Monmouthshire (or even far away like me really, it’s very worth the trip) then you should definitely  have a look at the different courses they run.  To read the article I wrote about this, take a look in Issue 17 of Crochet Now, out in supermarkets right now.

To follow up, I’ve also been to Wingham Wool Work, just a ten minute trip from where I live, to learn what to do with my raw fleece and then spin it.  That article will be out next month if you are interested!


I’ve been forced to stop this last week with a dose  of the flu, but I have so many things coming up that now I’m feeling a bit better I can’t wait to dive back in and get on with it!  I’m running lots of workshops this summer, including monthly ones at the Chesterfield branch of Crafter’s Companion.  The ones I’ve booked in so far are aimed at beginners, I’m hoping in future to run some more in depth ones for people looking for next steps.

If you were coming to a crochet workshop, what kinds of things would you want to learn about?  Let me know in the comments!



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