Glimpses of autumn

It’s a funny week here in Yorkshire.  One minute, it’s glorious late summer sun; the next it’s mist and autumn drizzle.  I’m a sunshine person, so I’m always a little sad when the nights draw in, but I do find myself looking forward to the cool mornings, and that particular scent that autumn brings when I step out of the door.

This weekend we went to Thornes Park in Wakefield to see if the conkers were ready.20160917_132941.jpg

We were a little early, so we’ll be back to get our share of spider-scaring nuts next week.  I did enjoy the cool air and some time outside in nature though.  I spend too much time indoors, despite how close I live to things like the Peak District National Park and the Transpennine Trail.  I can feel a resolution coming on…

With the cooler weather, my designs are turning more autumnal too.  I’ve got two coming up in the next issue of Crochet Now, and there was a sneak peak at the back of issue 6 of my new scarf, out 6th October:


I’m nice and busy with my designs at the minute, and I’m really excited to see them come to life.  I’d like to try and fit in some things for myself and for Christmas presents soon as well.  I’ve got a gorgeous little niece very much in need of some crochet fancy dress…(mermaid tail anyone?)

Take care x

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