Wooden buttons and tapestry crochet!

Today is one of those glorious days where I can crochet all day!  Hooray!  So, I’m getting on with my next commission, which obviously I can’t tell you masses about until it’s published, but it uses tapestry crochet techniques and a gorgeous autumnal palette using Cascade yarns.

See those fun, twisty looking shapes of wool?  I decided they made the yarn look quite “posh” when they arrived.  But how to crochet from them?  A spot  of googling later tells me I need to wind these “hanks” into either balls or cakes.  So, out comes my trusty wool winder, but it turns out I need to have three hands (or a friend) to wind these.  Or, a new gadget.  I’m very tempted to get myself a yarn swift now.  They look like little umbrellas without the canvas, and you lay your yarn on them, then as you wind the wool winder, it magically spins and dispenses the yarn from the hank.  Nifty.  Now everywhere I look the most delicious yarn appears to be in hanks, so I might have to get one…  I can put it through as a business expense, surely?

The lovely postman has just brought my new stash of patterned wooden buttons.  Ostensibly, these are for the workshops I’m teaching over the summer, but a few might just find their way into some of my other projects.  I’m in love with the intricate prints on the natural wood base, and now I feel like everything I own needs new buttons!  They were an absolute bargain on Ebay, so I feel like I can splash out and order millions!

Have you seen my most recent patterns in Crochet Now?  My Happy Hexie tote featured in Issue 3, and my Serenity Doily is in Issue 4.  You can buy hard copies or digital copies of the magazine at http://www.moremags.com/ 


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