Warning: overly smug half term post :P

Aaaahhh….Half term at last.  The week I can pretend I don’t have a day job and let my crafting alter ego take over.  The husband is working this week so I got up early with him and I’m glad I did.  It’s only lunch time and I already feel like I’ve had a whole day.  Bliss!

Spent some time pursuing a very exciting lead for possible workshops over the summer, and putting some thought into my June WI workshop.  Really excited that things seem to be getting off the ground a little bit; can’t wait till the summer when I have more freedom to get my craft on!

The other plus of holiday time is I can spend more time doing nice cooking.  I’m no masterchef, but everything tastes better when I have more than half an hour to get it ready!  Took a nice walk to the local butcher earlier and picked up some delicious smelling garlic sausages that I’m going to turn into meatballs for dinner.  Yum!

Got the rest of the afternoon to work on crocheting a strap for my gorgeous new hexie handbag:


As you can no doubt tell from the god-awful lighting in that photograph, it’s one of those gloomy, rainy days here, but at least the handbag is summery 🙂

Zoë x


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